Filter Wheel 5 positions - 1.25"

  • Filter Wheel 5 positions - 1.25"
  • Filter Wheel 5 positions - 1.25"
  • Filter Wheel 5 positions - 1.25"


Filter Wheel 5 positions - 1.25”


This high-quality telescope filter wheel allows you to quickly and easily change between up to five 1.25" filters.  It is ideally suitable for visual observations with 1.25" eyepieces. In combination with the included T2 adapter it is also suitable for astrophotography with single lens reflex cameras and CCD cameras.  The included T2 adapter comes with a locking ring, whereby high-precision distance regulation becomes possible. Its very sturdy aluminum housing makes it also suitable for heavy cameras.  The filters can be changed very quickly at any time, even with the camera mounted or with the eyepiece inserted. The filters in the housing are protected from dust, dirt, and condensation. 

  • Five position manual operation
  • Threaded for standard 1.25" astronomy filters
  • Smooth rotational pressure minimizes "scope shake" and image shift
  • Positive click stops for each position ensure precise alignment of the filter
  • Multiple adapters provided for flexibility




Filter capacity: max. five 1.25" filters Connection to the telescope: 1.25" or T2 inner thread Connection to the eyepiece/camera: 1.25" / T2 inner thread / T2 outer thread




1x Filter wheel 1x T2 Adapter to 1,25” with locking screw 1x T2 Adapter to 1,25” adapter 1x T2 adapter to T2 1x T2 locking ring 1x T2 dust/dirt protective cover


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