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Australia's leading William Optics & Explore Scientific Distributor

1.25" LRGB Filter set for telescope Deep Sky & Planetary Astronomy imaging

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Original price $139.00
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This filter set is the OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) version of the ZWO 1.25" filters (SKU: ZWO LRGB1.25NEW): in practice this means they are the exact same filters, only unbranded.

The LRGB 1.25" filter set for astrophotography let you shoot colour images of deep sky objects with monochrome CCD cameras, by combining images taken through each of the 4 filters: Luminance, Red, Green and Blue. When the images are then recombined in post processing, coloured images of deep sky objects are achieved. 
This kind of deep-Sky photography has a few advantages over the astrophotography with colour cameras:

- Mono CCD cameras have a higher resolution than color cameras with the same chip. Objects are shown with more details.

- Due to the steep edges of the filters, high quality colour images are possible even close to towns, as the disturbing light pollution is filtered out.

- The sensitivity of a mono CCD camera is higher than the one of a comparable colour camera, so, with the LRGB filters, dimmer objects are within reach at the same exposure time.

- Typically, the colour brilliance of an LRGB image is higher than the one of a normal color image, as you can control the colour weighting during image processing.

- With the luminance filter, you can generate a high-resolution luminance image and with the RGB filters you can create a splendid colour image. During image processing, you can mix the resolution of the luminance and the color of the RGB image.

About the LRGB filters:

- The set includes 4 1.25" filters - Luminance, Red, Green and Blue.
- True interference filter for very good contrast and balanced colour weighting, with very high transmission at the same time.
- The filters are durable through a scratch-resistant coating.
- The LRGB filters offer a neat anti-reflection coating.
- Due to the precise transmission curves, over 92% of the visible light are transmitted, whereas the infrared light is reliably blocked.
- The filters are stress-free mounted in a high-quality aluminum cell with standardised filter threads on both sides.

The advantages of the LRGB filters:

- High transmission and steep edges offer a very high contrast.
- The colour weighting of the filters is well balanced.
- Infrared is cut off by each of the filters, for better sharpness and contrast.
- The surfaces are plane-parallel against unwanted ghost images.
- The surfaces are anti-reflective coated.
- The filters are mounted in high-quality aluminium cells with accurate filter threads.
- The LRGB filters have an identical thickness to avoid re-adjusting focus.