About Us

Our Mission

ProAstroz is committed to bring quality astronomy accessories and telescopes to the amateurs' market. We are located in Sydney, Australia and serve customers Australia wide through our distribution partners in Melbourne, Brisbane and Perth and Cather to customers worldwide through our global shipping program. Our products will suit experienced amateurs and semi professionals as well as beginners. All of our accessories and telescopes are specifically selected for their outstanding value for money and are extensively tested to ensure they meet the high level of expectations amateurs have come to expect from their equipment. We work hard to continuously bring new quality accessories to amateurs in Australia and worldwide.


Who are we?

We are amateur astronomers who have been practicing Astronomy for over 25 years. We have used a wide range of telescopes ranging from small refractors, APO advanced refractors, Maksutov and Schmidt Cassegrain up to very large dobson reflectors. We have used and come across a wide range of accessories and know when something speaks quality. We capitalise on our experience to bring you only great products at a great and fair price.


What do we do?

Our activity is centred around sourcing quality products and making them available to the amateurs' market both in Australia and worldwide where applicable. We go through in depth testing to ensure the quality of the products and focus on delivering only quality products.

We also pay a particular attention to our pricing strategy: We make sure our products are priced right - and below our competitors - so that our customers get the best possible value for money.


How are we different?

- All our products are inspected for quality prior to shipping.

- All our products come backed by a 2 years, no fuss, warranty. 

- If you have a change of mind or do not like what you have ordered - no worries we have you covered with our 30 days return policy.

- Got any questions about any astronomy topics? We are always happy to help out and chat, simply contact us!