Alt-azimuth Mount


This light and portable Alt-Azimuth mount is a perfect solution for compact instruments. 
Its all metal construction make it a sturdy yet compact companion while its very slow motion controls ensure a butter smooth and accurate tracking of the object you are observing. 

The 2 locking levers make it quick and easy to reposition the mount by hand towards another part of the sky, or it could be useful for tracking faster moving objects during daytime observations. 

The mount is designed to be attached on all photo tripod equipped with a 3/8" screw. We supply the mount with a super compact - yet sturdy- table tripod, allowing you to observe from any hard surface. Simply place the mount on your backyard table, sit down and start observing. This is also a fantastic solution for taking your compact telescope out on weekends or holidays without needing much space at all. 
Of course, if you already have a photo tripod, simply attach the mount to it via the 3/8" thread and you are good to go.