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📣 EOFY Sale now on, up to 55% off! While stocks last ⏰
📣 EOFY Sale now on, up to 55% off! While stocks last ⏰

William Optics Pleiades 68 Astrograph F/3.8

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Current price $3,149.00
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Introducing the William Optics Pleiades 68 - 7-Elements Imaging APO Telescope

Featuring a total of 7 optical elements, the new William Optics Pleiades 68 is a portable imaging powerhouse, giving amazingly corrected images across a huge sensor size. 

Also featuring William Optics' patented WIFD internal focusing system. 

Comes with both M48 and M54 adapters.

Embark on an astrophotography adventure with the latest addition to our William Optics lineup: the Pleiades 68. This telescope, designed exclusively for imaging, is a testament to precision and performance. As a proud member of our WIDF series, it’s dedicated to the art of astro-imaging.

Key Features:

 • Advanced Optical Design: The Pleiades 68 features a 7-element configuration, ensuring exceptional clarity and sharpness in your astrophotography endeavours. This design effectively minimizes chromatic aberrations, offering true-to-life colours and crisp details.
 • Wide Aperture for Fast Imaging: The telescope’s 68mm aperture and fast f/3.8 focal ratio make it perfect for capturing detailed images of distant galaxies and expansive nebulae, allowing for shorter exposure times. 
Image circle - 48mm.
 • Versatile Camera Compatibility: Understanding the varied requirements of astrophotographers, the Pleiades 68 includes 48mm and 54mm adapters, ensuring compatibility with a broad range of CCD and DSLR cameras.
 • WIFD Series Excellence: This telescope epitomizes William Optics’ commitment to top-tier astro-imaging instruments within the WIFD series.

Experience the Universe Like Never Before

The William Optics Pleiades 68 is not just a telescope; it’s a portal to the cosmos. Its exceptional optical performance and imaging capabilities make it an ideal choice for both experienced astrophotographers and beginners eager to explore celestial imaging.

Discover the depths of space with unmatched clarity and precision. Welcome to the future of astrophotography with the William Optics Pleiades 68!