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BLACK FRIDAY SALE NOW ON! Discounts across the site up to 45% OFF!

Telrad telescope reflex finder with mounting base and adjustable red illumination - Telrad Australia

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Telrad telescope reflex finder with mounting base and adjustable red illumination

We are an Australian authorised distributor of Telrad products.

The TELRAD viewfinder is a projection finder that can be installed on any telescope and makes it child's play to align the telescope with the starry sky.

The TELRAD viewfinder is a practical alternative to classic optical viewfinders and illuminated red dot viewfinders. You can see the complete starry sky without magnification, and not just a small section as with a normal optical viewfinder. Against this background of the starry sky, three red luminous concentric rings are projected, with apparent diameters of 4 degrees, 2° and 0.5° in the sky. Move the telescope so that the object you are looking for is in the inner ring, and the telescope points in the right direction. Because the object you are looking for is inside the ring, it will not be irradiated like a normal illuminated red dot finder.

The base of the TELRAD viewfinder is self-adhesive and can be mounted on all telescopic tubes from about 10cm diameter. The length of the base is about 18cm. This base remains on the telescopic tube, the TELRAD viewfinder itself can be removed or attached at any time by means of the attached quick coupling. The TELRAD is powered by two normal AA batteries (not included).

There are star atlases, like the "Deep Sky Travel Atlas" from Oculum-Verlag, and planetarium programs for the PC, like the program "Stellarium", where the three rings of the TELRAD are already drawn or can be displayed around the interesting celestial objects. This makes finding these celestial objects a real walk.


TELRAD projection finder
Illuminated rings of 4 degrees, 2° and 0.5° in the sky
See the complete starry sky without magnification
Easy installation and use
Can be installed on nearly every telescopes
Base with quick release coupling included 
Powered by two AA batteries (not included) 
Very long battery life because of LED technology


TELRAD viewfinder with projector and battery compartment 
TELRAD base with quick-release coupling for the viewfinder and pre-installed adhesive tape for attachment to telescope


The lightweight plastic Telrad Dew Shield won’t stop dew completely, but it’s a very effective “shower cap” for your precious finder. The flip up shield connects to your Telrad by using the existing screws at the rear of the finder body and is held in place by adjusting the friction screws connected to the shield’s metal attachment bracket. When your Telrad isn’t in use, just pivot the hood forward to protect the viewing screen and the reticule… Then flip it back for an unobstructed view whenever you’re ready to aim!

This simple and inexpensive addition extends the amount of time you can use your Telrad and helps increase the life time of your Telrad Finder scope by protecting it from excess moisture.

Simple installation and ease of use!
Adjustable tension control.
Inexpensive insurance for your Telrad.