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Australia's leading William Optics & Explore Scientific Distributor
Australia's leading William Optics & Explore Scientific Distributor

Universal Eyepiece Tray

Original price $129.00 - Original price $129.00
Original price $129.00
$129.00 - $163.00
Current price $129.00
Color: Black

Finally a convenient way of having all your eyepieces at your fingertips during your observations. Our eyepiece tray fits almost all tripods out there and is designed to take 5 x 1.25” eyepieces and 3 x 2” eyepieces (or an additional 3 x 1.25” eyepieces with the optional 2” to 1.25” adaptors) and offers an area for filters and other bits & pieces.

It consists of 2 pieces: the mounting platform attaches to the tripod, simply by sliding the tripod spreader locking bolt through the 14mm hole. It can remain on the tripod, even when folded and acts as a connection point and support for the eyepiece tray itself.

The eyepiece tray is removable, allowing for the storage of all your eyepieces in one convenient spot. Simply clip the tray onto the support and you are good to go. At the end of the night, simply unclip the tray and store it away with your eyepieces - no need to repack them.

The tray also features a slot to insert a red light Astronomer’s torch, the Night Reader Pro (NRP), providing low intensity glow through the tray to help with locating eyepieces at night while also indicating the presence of your instrument to others. It works especially well with the translucent red colour tray. 

The miscellaneous area of the tray is designed to accomodate a large (2”) filter storage boxe on either side and can of course be used for any small items, dust covers etc.

The tray is available in Black & Translucent Red (Black mounting platform and red tray), all white or all Black. Please note the Red Light diffusion will work best with the translucent red, to a degree in white, and almost not with black.


The eyepiece tray is compatible with most tripods, but here are some important details for you to check so there are no surprises when installation time comes.

  1. Rod diameter: check the widest part of your tripod’s spreader locking bolt and ensures it is no more than 14mm. Most tripods have a rod no thicker than 12mm.
  2. Ensure the rod can be removed, so that the mounting platform can be slid on.
  3. Refer to the dimensions on the diagram if you have concerns about fitting and do not hesitate to reach out if you have any questions - we are always happy to help and can make some adjustments in certain situations. 
Please note: Tripod & eyepieces are NOT included