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Australia's best William Optics & Explore Scientific distributor with local stock
Australia's best William Optics & Explore Scientific distributor with local stock

William Optics RedCat 71 mm WIFD Imaging Telescope

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Original price $3,295.00
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William Optics RedCat 71mm F/4.9 Petzval APO Refractor Telescope Astrophotograph

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You can add a T mount to adapt your DSLR camera onto the Redcat - here.

Building on the massive success of the RedCat 51, William Optics has proudly announced the all-new RedCat 71, now with the revolutionary WIFD focusing system!

The William Optics RedCat71 is a 71-mm f/4.9 refractor that features a 350mm focal length for fantastic widefield images of the night sky. The optical design is a Petzval design with a doublet front element incorporating FPL-53 glass, plus a single central element and a single rear lens. By using this four-element Petzval design, our WO RedCat71 provides a flat image plane without requiring any additional flattener and the image circle is over 45mm.

WO RedCat71 is designed primarily for imaging, making it an astrograph. This scope provides an excellent color correction and pinpoint stars at the very edge of a 45mm image circle. If you want to take images with the best quality, this beautiful and powerful telescope is what you want.


Lens Type: 4 Elements Petzval Design
Focal Length: 350 mm
Diameter: 71 mm
Aperture: f/4.9
Image circle: 48 mm
Focuser: WIFD (WO INTERNAL FOCUS DESIGN) -Compatible with EAF
Focus travel: 0-35mm (Ruler to 40mm)
Optional Flattener: No Flattener Required
Adapters: N/A
Lens Material: FPL-53
Camera Format: Full Frame
T-Mounts Supported: Canon EF, RF ; Nikon F, Z; Sony E; Pentax K; MFT (M4/3); FUJI X
Tube Length: 427 mm
OTA Weight: N/A
Total Weight: 3.2 kg / 7.05 lbs